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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find a Pawn Shop near me?
A: Simply click here and select your state. Then select the city nearest you.

Q: My city doesn`t show any Pawn Shops, now what?
A: It can mean one of two things: either there are no Pawn Shops in your city, or the Pawn Shop(s) in your town have not been indexed yet. Try another city near you. If you know of a Pawn Shop that isn`t listed here, let us know by clicking here.

Q: I own a Pawn Shop and am not listed. How do I get listed?
A: Just click here to send us a note.

Q: Do all of your listings include websites?
A: No, just those who have either given us their website information, or those we host. Only about 100 out of 12,000 have websites.

Q: How do I set up a fancy listing for my Pawn Shop?
A: Just click here for advertising information.

Q: I do marketing to Pawn Shops, do you sell your mailing list?
A: Yes, our mailing list is available sent via email. Click on the link Our Pawn Shop List is not Available, click here for details. Also we do not offer refunds on complete database sales.

Q: Will there be new information pertaining to Alert Mailings?
A: Yes, there will be a information packet put together. It will be completed around April 2009.

Q: Why are some cities not showing pawn shops, and you know they are there?
A: Some coruption in database, we are working on a complete new database due before April 2009

Q: Do we send out Alerts to pawn shops?
A: No we do not, we just sell the database to you at this time.

Q: How do I send an Alert?
A: We use post cards imported into Ms Word, printed addresses, sender, recipient on one side, the other side of post card we put information on lost items, and email and phone number. Maybe a website link so you can have pictures of lost items for them to see. You can purchase some thinker computer printer paper, post card stock, take to Kinko`s, have it cut. They also have smaller quantities of card stock on hand.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Please use the contact form, we will get back to you as quick as we can.

Q: Can I advertise on this website?
A: At this time we are sorry, no. We are rebuilding this site, look for it April 2009, after that we will be offering advertising space.

Q: Can I purchase US Pawn Shop Directories database and use on the internet for any reason?
A: You may NOT for any reason what so ever. Let`s be crystal clear, NO. It is a copywrite issue, and we will get it in court if we have to.

Q: Is it time to change the looks of US Pawn Shop Directory?
A: Yes it is, we are putting together a complete New website, hopefully should be completed in April 2009.

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